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Marivela Hernan | Terrain Movements

» Emptied: Open pit excavation, the elevation of the land being excavated below the surrounding terrain in its entirety. As an example, the construction of a basement of a building.

» Grading and clearing: et of operations required to level and clear the land in which to settle a work, or to extract the necessary land loan for a landfill.

» Excavation in trenches and foundations: They have a background with a width of less than two meters and can be vertical or inclined walls with a certain slope. Depending on the hardness of the ground can be in rock, in transit or on land - loose, medium and hard.

» Embankments: Extension and compaction of soil from excavations or loans.

» Excavations in tunnel: Joint operations to dig under slab. As an example, subway tunnels, interchanges, etc.

» Land Transport: Land transport leftover landfill excavation or transportation of land required to effect or embankment fill.